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Important Texas Notary Public Law Update

Updated Friday, March 22, 2013  


Budget Notary Bonding Agency always strives to keep our notaries informed of any legislation that IF enacted will change the requirements for Texas notaries. We are currently monitoring two pieces of legislation that could require notary education for new and renewing Texas notaries. We will keep this page updated with any new information as it comes available. House Bill 1954 and Senate Bill 1037 are similar bills both entitled "An act relating to the education requirements for a notary public; authorizing a fee." House Bill 1954, introduced by Rep. Senfronia Thompson-Harris County (D), and Senate Bill 1037, introduced by Sen. Jose Rodriguez-El Paso (D), are companion bills that would require new and renewing notaries public toobtain notary training before their commissions could be issued or renewed. Budget Notary Bonding Agency supports and emphasizes the importance of notary education. If these bills become law, we will notify our Texas notaries about how and when to expect implementation. We understand the implications of an education requirement and are aware that certain types of training can be time consuming and costly. Budget Notary Bonding Agency wants to reassure our notaries that we are here to voice your concerns to the Secretary of State’s office.


Please check back for further information as this legislative session plays out. Visit our website for updated information on these legislative bills.